The product family imail is available in three different products.

Exchange digital messages instantly with iMail at the best rates in town, with your personalised e-mail address. With iMail you get the best privacy and security settings, no more concerns of your account being hacked. Not forgetting the anti-spam security features, a useful feature.

iMail mailbox sizes range from 500MB to 2048MB, and comes with excellent discounts

FeatureEntryAdvanced  Professional
Included email addresses    1    5    10
Email addresses part of
Email addresses part of
Email Address available as
POP3 account
POP3 Mailbox Size (per mailbox)    500 Mbytes1024 Mbytes
IMAP4 account
IMAP4 Mailbox Size2048 Mbytes
Secure Mail Transport (Outgoing)
Secure POP3 Transport
Secure IMAP4 Transport
Additional Email Addresses    optionaloptionaloptional
Upgrade to own customer domain*optionaloptionaloptional
Number of Mail Distribution Lists    0    1    3
Anti Virus Security
Anti Spam Security
Identified Spam delivered to Spam Folder
Web Interface Login
Functional in combination with MS Outlook
Payment options    1/3/6/12    1/3/6/12    1/3/6/12
Monthly charges (vat excl.)    N$ 19.36    N$ 93.12    N$ 183.53

Benefits for the Customer

– Content in Country
– Fast Internet Access
– Hosting inside Secure Data Centre Environment

Discount Structures:

– 3 months – 7.5%
– 6 months – 10%
– 12 months – 12.5%