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The product family imail is available in three different products.

Exchange digital messages instantly with iMail at the best rates in town, with your personalised e-mail address. With iMail you get the best privacy and security settings, no more concerns of your account being hacked. Not forgetting the anti-spam security features, a useful feature.

iMail mailbox sizes range from 500MB to 2048MB, and comes with excellent discounts


Feature Entry Advanced  Professional
Included email addresses     1     5     10
Email addresses part of -
Email addresses part of - -
Email Address available as
POP3 account -
POP3 Mailbox Size (per mailbox)     500 Mbytes 1024 Mbytes -
IMAP4 account - -
IMAP4 Mailbox Size - - 2048 Mbytes
Secure Mail Transport (Outgoing)
Secure POP3 Transport -
Secure IMAP4 Transport - -
Additional Email Addresses     optional optional optional
Upgrade to own customer domain* optional optional optional
Number of Mail Distribution Lists     0     1     3
Anti Virus Security
Anti Spam Security
Identified Spam delivered to Spam Folder
Web Interface Login
Functional in combination with MS Outlook
Payment options     1/3/6/12     1/3/6/12     1/3/6/12
Monthly charges (vat excl.)     N$ 19.36     N$ 93.12     N$ 183.53

Benefits for the Customer

- Content in Country
- Fast Internet Access
- Hosting inside Secure Data Centre Environment

Discount Structures:

- 3 months - 7.5%
- 6 months - 10%
- 12 months - 12.5%