Take your business online and have access to the world. iSite will host your webpage at the most affordable prices. With three different packages that will suit your pocket, iSite will give great value for your buck. Entry level package gives you 500mb space online, Advanced Level 1024mb whilst Professional Level gives you a whooping 2048mb, true value for your money.

You have an option to be hosted as a subdomain of, .net, .org or .com and for an extra fee .na.

FeatureEntryAdvanced  Professional
Available Worldwide
Mysql Database included
php available
modperl available
Webserver with HTTP
Webserver with HTTPS
FTP Access
Web Space    500 Mbytes    1024 Mbytes    2048 Mbytes
Access Volume in MbyteUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Available as subdomain.of
Available as .net / .org / .com domain    optionaloptionaloptional
Available as .na domainoptionaloptional optional 
Available as .na domainoptionaloptionaloptional
Contract Period in Months1/3/6/121/3/6/12    1/3/6/12 
Monthly charges (Vat excl.)N$ 121.68    N$ 143.90     N$ 167.15 

Benefits for the Customer

– Content in Country
– Fast Internet Access
– Hosting inside Secure Data Centre Environment

Discount Structures: